14 October 2019

Montiego: From Internet Entrepreneur To Persian Rap Star

Montiego News Montiego: From Internet Entrepreneur To Persian Rap Star

From Internet Entrepreneur To Persian Rap Star

Over just 3 years in the music industry, Persian rap vocalist and entrepreneur Montiego has released 40 tracks and 3 video clip and notched up over 150 million streams on leading Persian music platform, Radio Javan. His tuneful melodies float over the hi-hats, kick drums and moody ambiance of music influenced by the “Trap” “R&B” music of the US’s southern states. It’s the soundtrack for an international urban crowd who live life to the full, and the star’s devoted fans get a glimpse of his high-octane, jet set life on Instagram @Montiego

Montiego: From Internet Entrepreneur To Persian Rap Star

The 28-year-old’s flourishing musical career is the artistic expression of a determined businessman who had his eyes on success from an early age. Montiego was born in Tehran in 1993 as Farshid Amirshaghaghy. He showed early promise in music, learning the guitar and piano as a child. He launched his first online exchange business aged just 15, and by 16 years old he had started an online trading platform between pharmacies.

By 18 he was living alone in Turkey where he started an online shipping business. The following year saw him expand his operations with a pay2click site and a social media tools. After reaping the rewards of his efforts by the age of 18, he then began training others to do what he did, multiplying opportunities and building a network of collaborators, increasing productivity.

Montiego started online gaming aged 20, and two years later became a game provider, taking his career in a direction that would pay dividends over the following months and years. The entrepreneur went on to develop a new generation payment system called Parsigram. For Montiego, success means never standing still, building on each consecutive venture, to create a coherent business universe for future profitability. 

The star’s Instagram feed @Montiego showcases the life of international travel fueled by his business success. He appears by a Ferrari in Istanbul, poolside with musicians in Marbella, taking a call between the Rolls Royce and the helicopter, or car drifting in Sweden and Turkey. A petrol head through and through, he also sponsored an Autodrom video promo with drift team driver Reza Fahim. He also shares glimpses of his more artistic, reflective side; laying down tracks in the studio or chilling with his two dogs at home. Followers are inspired by the star’s motivational sound bites that reveal his business mindset, such as “every scar makes you who you are” and “our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” 

December 2020 he was caused by false interpol warrant from his country to for his music video “MontiCarlo” as it was against Islamic republic regime and showed girls in bikini, the government is against his popularity and becoming viral in social media,

With the financial freedom that came from Montiego’s business ventures, he developed his creative talent and made 2019 the year he started to sing. He calls it “the year of development”. January saw him release Midooni Chi Migam (‘You Know What I Mean’), which he followed with Chetoran. In February he released Swipe Upa collaboration with Arta, a member of the Wantons music group; and also Skal, working with Alireza JJ, Sijal and Sohrab MJ, pioneers of rap in Iran. April brought the single track Emza, and in May he sang on Bezar in Baro, another collaboration with Alireza JJ, Sijal, Nassim, Sohrab MJ and Kasra, and also Abnormal collaborations with Arta & Koorosh a member of wantons group, from the album 420 by Koorowsh,with Montiego’s haunting voice floating over the timeless melody sampled from Luniz’s I Got 5 on It

In July 2019 Montiego released Laj Baz with Alishmas and Aren. On 24 July he did his first live performance at Istanbul Masquerade club, singing Skal on stage with ZedBazi group members. He has been working on his first album The Life of Montiego, produced by longtime advisor and career mentor BigZeeko. On 29 July, he released his single, MontiCarloFans are now awaiting the release of the 6-track album, featuring collaborations with with Leito, Sohrab MJ, Ho3ein, Khalse, Sijal, Alireza JJ, Nassim and Wantons group. In 2019 Montiego created his own production company to better display his mindset and ideas. The MontiCarlo music video reflects the caliber of work Montiego produces. The Abnormal music video, released on 18 August, is sure to leave fans impressed.

Montiego is clearly enjoying his art, and shows the same drive and dedication to making a success of his music career as he does to his other business activities. He is currently busy practicing and getting ready for work in the international music industry, as well as entering the international market for his gaming and developing business. 2019 could be the year Montiego goes global.

In 2020 he has entered the world gaming market industry by collaborating well known companies.

And he has reached his financial states he becomes in top 10 richest man of his country list by age just 28.

Source: forbesmiddleeast.com