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Farshid Amir

About The Artist

Dedication and success go hand in hand. Farshid Amirshaghaghy lives his life by this rule, and the young 28 years old businessman has never run out motivation. Currently he manages 5 IT development companies worldwide, and an organization called “House of Media Talents“ which was originally called “CasaTalenti della Multimedialità”

Farshid Amirshaghaghy (Montiego) was born in 1993 as a child of a simple educated family. He spent his early years impressing his teachers with his pure talent, his versatility was obvious. He could benefit from his talents at school, at home, and later in the business life as well.

He graduated from high school with top grades and decided to continue his studies at the university, which allowed him to soar higher and higher, living the life he worked so much for, planning his future and already working for others’. Farshid knew that his ideas and his many talents should not remain within the walls of the university, and soon decided to take his business ideas into his own hands.

Following the beginning of his studies, he did not wait long to start his very own business: Farshid kicked things off with some small video game projects in his first semester. In less than 6 months, the young entrepreneur managed to grow his business into a relatively large one. The success of his first idea and the knowledge he picked up during these years led him to another great idea: creating an exchange system incorporating stock markets and computer games. From now on, instead of developing computer games, he dedicated his talents to other young talents’ ideas: he looked for talents, helped them grow, supported them in selling their ideas and developing their skills, and thus Farshid contributed to hundreds of unique, one of a kind projects.

Farshid has been created over 15 web games, 4 mobile applications for both IOS and Android, Online trading platform, a PSP software, online exchange websites, and he has been investing most of his income into crypto and at 2021 he started to collaborate with well known game provider companies around the world to bring his talent into the bigger market.

During the following months and years, he turned his attention towards greater matters. He was working around the clock to create and back large business development projects and top-notch payment systems. To this end, the still very young Farshid endeavour to develop and realises his own ideas and started to recruit young talents, to create his own business universe.